Catching Hope

Looking for the grace of God that surrounds us

About This Blog

Hope is found in many places.  In great writings, in works of art, in stories of impossible circumstances and extraordinary escapes…

Most often, though, it can be found in the ordinary comings and goings of our daily lives…if we can learn how to look for it.

This blog is an attempt to see, to “catch”, the hope and grace of God that surrounds us.

Some of the posts here are directly related to this, others indirectly.  There is a mixture of stories and observations from my walk with God, my career as a nurse, my studies, and life in general.  As time goes on, there will also be stories related to my career as a nurse-midwife.  And occasionally, you may find a post or two that doesn’t fit in any category. Especially when 2 o’clock in the morning hits and my central nervous system runs out of caffeine (sorry, mom!)….

It is my desire that God gives us all the grace to “catch” the gifts of hope that He is faithful to give us each and every day.  Thank you for reading my glimpses of this grace; may God use them to help you see the grace He is giving you.


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