Catching Hope

Looking for the grace of God that surrounds us

Holding A Miracle

In keeping with yesterday’s post, here is one of my favorite YouTube videos.  I think it helped me realize that we don’t have to look too far for inspiration! Enjoy!

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The Inspiration to be Found

I forgot about this part of being in school again. At least, if I didn’t forget it, I laughed it off as part of a past life.

Old habits die hard, I guess. (Mom, take a deep breath and don’t cringe too badly!) 🙂  It is the second night I have been up into the wee hours of the morning…I have had enough caffeine today to kill a small elephant, my contact lenses are just about glued in place, and I am not quite sure I can finish everything on time.

It is in moments like these that I need inspiration.

As I took a deep breath, rubbed my shriveled, dried-out eyeballs, ran my fingers through my tangled hair, and tried to regain a sense of perspective, I thought to myself that I needed inspiration badly.

Then I realized–I have had an entire week full of it. For that matter, a life full of it.

Everyone enters the world the same way, when it comes right down to it–nobody is totally grown in a test tube (yet anyway!). It’s a funny, wonder-inducing, truly miraculous thought (when you look at it at 2 am, anyway): everyone has literally been a part of someone else.

It was at this point I realized the inspiration I need–rather, the miracle I hope everyone can see–is that of Life.

I don’t need to look for motivation for my school assignments. I just need to look at my fat little smiling babies at work….down the street at the panhandlers on the corners….the masses of people that swarm out of the sanctuary when church is done…or in the mirror, even.

This is because where there is Life, there is a Miracle. God took man out of the dust and breathed life in to him, and that life created other lives, which created others, and so on and so forth.  And I get the privilege to study exactly how life grows life, and (Lord willing) someday I get to help usher some of this life in to the world.

So in the end, I realize–I don’t need to look for inspiration. It’s right in front of me, in front of you, all the time: the Miracle that is Life.  What a gift this is, that God has given us!

p.s. Mom, I am going to bed now. *hug* 😉