Catching Hope

Looking for the grace of God that surrounds us


“Single” is a descriptive word.  It is an adjective–as in, a “single hamburger”.  A “single pencil-eraser”.  A “single person”.  It means, one.  Alone, by itself.

Let’s be honest, here, friends, this isn’t always easy.  I have recently realized how cranky I get when doing things I feel I shouldn’t be doing, but am because I am not married (i.e. mowing the lawn, placing paving stones in the yard, etc.).  I am the first to tell you it’s lonely looking over at the other side of the bed and seeing a pillow (or, incidentally, a book…or a forgotten pencil from my study session…or a cell phone…well, you get the idea.)

However, I think perhaps the word “single”, or at least the idea of the word in this context, should be a verb, not an adjective.  It should be something that implies action, being, moving, changing.  Changing my thoughts and my heart to realize that the world does not exist for me (and, incidentally, neither would a husband!)  Moving to avoid stagnancy in spirituality–instead always being in motion toward sanctification.  Being the kind of daughter, friend, sister, aunt, grand-daughter, employee that the Lord calls me to be.  Acting to decisively make positive steps toward spiritual growth, as well as toward career development, church involvement, etc.

Not looking at others wondering “why them? why not me?”.

Not letting sadness and lonliness take over my heart so that I am constantly dwelling on them.

Not allowing the ease and flexibility of this period of my life to foster selfishness.

Realizing that this state of life may be permanent, and not being paralyzed by that thought or feeling fearful of the future.

And most of all, learning to trust the great Planner who knows what is best for me and has plans for my life beyond my wildest imagination.


The stuff of life

It has been interesting for me to note lately how much of life truly is mundane.

I was recently watching “You’ve Got Mail” with Meg Ryan…she lives in the perfect apartment, her hair is always nicely done (even when she’s got a “horrible cold”), the color palate of her clothes go beautifully with her skin tones at all times, and even her “mundane” is made interesting to us, her viewers.

In contrast, my house is too often cluttered.  My hair is rarely perfectly done (despite my best efforts!).  My clothing, while I do make a good effort to look nice when leaving the house, certainly would not come close to measuring up in an episode of “What Not to Wear”.

And my mundane, whatever way you look at it, certainly is not interesting.  I brush my teeth, do my laundry, answer e-mail, go to work, put gas in my car, make my bed (ok, let’s be honest here, sometimes make my bed) :), take out the trash, weed the garden, pick up groceries, go through mail, pay bills, talk on the phone…pretty much like anyone else does, I suppose.  I can tell you right now that no one would ever want to put it all in a movie.

And yet, I have also been learning lately, that although the mundane makes up the majority of life, the fact that so much IS mundane is what makes the interesting things so interesting.  It gives joy and excitement to what should be joyful and exciting.  Otherwise, we’d have nothing to compare it to.

And of course, I can’t help but think….

He that is faithful in little, is faithful also in much.

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