Catching Hope

Looking for the grace of God that surrounds us

You know you’re a nurse when….(part one)

…you find both an N-95 respirator mask and a thermometer in your purse.  When you never take your purse with you while working.


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Chemo and Dragons and Heaven and Such

I was at a little 9 year old’s house yesterday, giving her her very first at-home chemotherapy treatment for her cancer.

She had a soft little stuffed dragon next to her–I asked his name and then commented on his shiny, crinkly wings.  “I wish I had wings and could fly everywhere,” I told her.

“I’ve always wondered som’thin…”, said my little patient.

“What’s that?”

“If we fly in to the sky, up and up, will we bump in to Heaven?”

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The Face on the Side of the Road

The man who always stands at the corner of the freeway exit and 11th Avenue, holding his pleading sign up to passers-by, has a face.

I couldn’t tell you exactly what he looks like, because my glances at him are furtive–studying him for brief moments in time while he looks the other way.  I don’t want to meet his gaze.

I have, once or twice.

And I never know what to do.

Because I know that behind the face is a man.  And that the man has a story that is as real as my own is.

My heart hurts, because I know this–and yet I don’t do anything.  I have the constant struggle–do I look the other way?  Do I smile?  Do I hand out a dollar or two, if I happen to have the cash?

I like to tell myself that I want to know his story.  I think, in many ways, I do.  But part of me assumes that it will be like so many other’s stories, who do what he does to earn a living.  Maybe it wouldn’t be true.  It can’t be trusted, right?  Because if he told me his story, it would be to get something out of me, wouldn’t it?

Or would it?

It is probably not wise, as a single woman alone, to stop my car and start talking to the man on the side of the road.  But sometimes I wish I could.  There is as much hope for this man as there was to me, when I was a lost sinner.  In that way, we are no different.  We are both human, made in the image of God.  We both desperately need Jesus.

My car again pulls up to the same intersection.  I stop at the corner; he is there and he is looking the other way.  I steal a glance in his direction, just in time to catch his eye.  This time, I turn my gaze and appear to pretend I never saw him.  And then I am ashamed, as my conscience pricks and my heart begins to feel a sting.

Lord, give me eyes to see as You see.  Give me your heart.  Give me grace to react as You would.  To love as You do.  And don’t ever let me forget that behind each face on the side of the road is a person, with a story, that You made and that You love.


Haiti Trip Video

Here’s a link to a video that Josh Hagen put together from our Haiti trip, if you’re interested in seeing it….

Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti….

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