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Haiti: Trip Report 2

on March 22, 2010

It is taking me an unusually long time to construct this blog post.  I am finding it very difficult to choose how to report on our trip–there is so much I could say, so many details I could include…and yet, oftentimes less is more.  : )

So, here is my attempt at it–I have chosen to put up little “snapshots”–just a few pictures, some prayer points, and a few links that you may find interesting.  Today I will be posting some general pictures and prayer points–of and for the country of Haiti and city of Port au Prince.


*This picture was taken on our drive from Santo Domingo, DR to Port au Prince, Haiti.  There are long-standing tensions between these two countries.  The IBG church we were associated with has been sending medical teams and food/water/tents to the people of Haiti–the Lord is doing a great work through this, not just by the ministry to the Haitians but also to heal some of these long-standing cultural tensions.

*This is a picture was taken near the Haitian-Dominican border.  Haiti, as most of you know, is an extremely poor country….I particularly like this picture as it speaks to the seemingly-impossible task of rebuilding this already-destitute and corrupt country.  But, our God is a God of the impossible…

*This is a former clinic and laboratory.  I was struck by how the people of Haiti are picking up and moving on with life–they have to find ways to make money, to find food and water, and to start to put their lives back together.

*This is another picture taken in Port au Prince.  I found it staggering to think that in the 28 seconds the earthquake was felt, the ground was shaking so badly many people could not get out of their houses.  Every time we passed a building that had fallen, I was sobered by the loss of life that was represented.

*This is a picture of a small part of Port au Prince, taken from the roof of CDTI hospital.  It is amazing how the Heavens still declare the glory of God (Psalm 19), even as there is so much destruction on the ground.

Prayer Points:

*Pray for the Lord to send revival and healing between Haiti and the Dominican. Pray that the work of the IBG church would indeed serve to break down some of the walls between these two countries, and that the IBG ministry would be fruitful (link:

*Pray for the Lord to send His spirit to the people of Haiti.  Pray for revival of faith in God;this is the only hope Haiti has for recovery of the country and integrity in it’s government.

*Please pray for those that experiences loss during the earthquake.  Pray for healing of their spirits and souls, through Jesus Christ.  Pray that the Lord would send people to them to tell them about the hope that can be found in Christ.  Pray for the emotional healing of the country and also the physical rebuilding process-pray practically that a system would be put in place to manage the rubble and repair the cities and streets.

More from our trip later…stay tuned! : )  If you are interested in getting more information on the history of the relationship between Haiti and the Dominican, go to:,8599,1953959,00.html

Many, many thanks to those of you who upheld our team in prayer and financial support while we were gone.  I am at a loss to express how much I appreciate this.  We felt your prayers…and were encouraged to know that we had your support.  I hope as you see these posts, you feel a part of what happened while we were there–thank you for your faithfulness.


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