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In His Image…

on March 19, 2010

Just a thought, as I gently placed my stethoscope on the chest of a seventeen-year-old boy a few days ago.

His body is deformed, little tiny legs and arms have contracted into awkward angles…his face shows very little, if any emotion.  His head is swollen at the crown in a huge, awkward protrusion.  His eyes appear blank and his mouth, instead of being used for talking and eating and smiling, pools with thin secretions from his barely-functioning lungs.  He cannot move on his own, except to occasionally shake violently with muscle tension and seizures.

And yet, through it all, this young man is in the Image of our Great God. His mother loves him dearly–our God loves him even more. And in His wisdom, He allowed for the oxygen to be cut off from his brain during birth, causing his current state. Everything, every single act, every single creation, that our God does is good. This young boy is in His image, for His glory.

And he is beautiful.


2 responses to “In His Image…

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  2. Gracie says:

    I so appreciate this. I work in Canada with a Christian ministry supporting people with developmental disabilities, and pray the truth you have spoken will become more widely held, including within the church.
    I just finished ‘Boy in the Moon’, written by a journalist father about his son with CFC, and he seemed so wistful as an atheist as he encountered families of faith who viewed their children as having purpose and beauty.
    So glad you have the opportunity to influence and encourage in your calling.

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