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Haiti, Update Six

on March 5, 2010

Dear Friends,

Yes, we are alive and well…so far only two people have needed IV’s due to gastrointestinal-issue related dehydration : ), but a little fluids and cipro and they were fine! : ) Overall everyone is doing well. We are so very, very thankful for such a wonderful place to stay–we are provided with food every day, running water, and showers. The Lord is providing for all of our needs–answering direct prayers in amazing ways, and providing things before we even ask Him! One example–we had a gynecology “clinic” set up in a tent city one day, and had a need for a female interpreter. We prayed that night for the Lord to provide one–and not only did he provide the female interpreter, but she was excellent to work with.

There is so much I could say–it is overwhelming and is too much to even write here. We have seen buildings that were reduced to rubble, people literally living in piles of trash and debris, tent cities that stretch on for blocks, the white and blue of the UN tarps mixed in with makeshift structures of corregated tin. We have also learned the power of a Haitian child’s smile….the value of good interpreters…how to speak a smattering of Creole (i.e. “doule”-pain, “mal”-feels bad)…the amazing power of an off-key rooster to wake one up in the middle of the night. : )

We have spent the last few days working in a few different clinics–we spent our first two days in a tent city clinic, with lines and lines and lines of people waiting in the hot sun to be seen. Yesterday we went about an hour north and worked at an outdoor clinic (under a tree, no less!), seeing the under-served people living in the more rural area. Today my team went to Leogone (sp?), where the epicenter of the earthquake was. There the destruction was even more evident than in Port Au Prince….but there I felt I was able to connect with more people than I have in other places. We walked a few blocks down to the beach after we were done seeing patients today–I had four Haitian children holding a couple of my fingers a piece, and a few on my arms and at one point one little girl even was walking behind me holding on to my scrub top. We sang some songs, they taught me some Haitian…it was a short period of time, but so precious.

Most of the medical things we have been seeing have been chronic, long-neglected problems, such as worms and scabies. We have seen some patients with pain from earthquake injuries–both physical and emotional. Today Rachel saw a young woman who became mute after the earthquake…

It is very overwhelming and hard to think that we are here for a short amount of time, handing out 30 days worth of pills–which will run out. One thing we try to keep in mind is that without us being here, they would not be getting any kind of care at all…and if we can relieve suffering or pain for even a short time it is worth it. But it has opened my eyes to the fact that only God can save these people…there is hope, but it will have to be our sovereign God that brings help to these people. We have met some wonderfully dedicated people who want to spend their lives serving the Haitians–one couple (at yesterday’s clinic) have taken 20 Haitian girls, so that they can be their legal guardians for life. What a commitment…and what a grace from God!

I could go on, but there is a line for the internet. I will update again when I can….please continue to pray for us, for health, strength, and energy. I would appreciate prayers especially that I would be able to have some good conversations with people…I have mostly been seeing patients in large volumes without much time to talk, or working in our “pharmacy” handing out meds. I would love to talk with some of the people, hear their stories, and be able to have some special people that touch my heart especially that I can pray for specifically when I get home. Pray, too, for revival among the Haitians–as one of our interpreters said today, “There is hope for the Haitians…it comes first from God.”

love kristi


2 responses to “Haiti, Update Six

  1. Sally Michael says:

    We continue to pray for your faithfully. I am specifically praying that you will see answers to prayer and that your faith will be strengthened…so that you in turn can be salt and light in a very dark place.

    “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

    Trusting in the Overcomer,

    Love, Mom (and Dad)

  2. J. Evans says:

    Thank you for posting these updates! It has been a blessing to read what God has been doing while you are there.

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