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Haiti Update Four: His Eye is on the Sparrow

Our God answers prayer.  In fact, He answers prayers I haven’t even prayed yet….Two examples:

1.  I need several pairs of scrubs to bring with me–I am planning on wearing scrubs pretty much most of the time while there.  But unfortunately, I didn’t have any old scrubs I wanted to bring with me, as I am wanting to leave what I wear down in Haiti.  Thrift stores were charging ridiculous amounts of money for used scrubs…. So, I prayed.  And my mom prayed.  And at our medical supply “packing party” last night, someone brought three huge bags of scrubs to bring down–from which I found 6 pairs of scrubs that I can wear and then leave down there.  They are even cute! : )  The Lord is very, very gracious.

2.  I was feeling overwhelmed today, with everything to do and the possibility of two full days of work.  This morning, when I talked to my scheduler, she had only given me a half-day of work today–which I was technically supposed to get but wasn’t sure if I would because of patient volume.

The Lord is gracious, even in the little things!

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