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Haiti Prayer Points…extra edition!

One personal request…..I will be shopping and packing tomorrow, in between appointments.  Please pray I remember everything I have to bring and do before I leave!  I’m sure this applies to everyone leaving, too…. 🙂

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Haiti Prayer Points, 4

Today, please pray:

*For the Haitians:  Pray that their most basic needs, food/water/shelter would be met.  We learned at our meeting that before the earthquake many Haitians were mixing water, a little bit of flour, and dirt together and baking it–and that is what they ate.  I cannot imagine how much worse the situation is now….Please pray, too, against those who would take advantage of this situation and use it to exploit the weak.  Often the youngest, oldest, and weakest are those who are unable to get food when it is distributed.

*For our team: We will be packing medical supplies as a team tomorrow; I (like many I am sure!) still have a lot to get together to pack–please pray for wisdom to know what will be most helpful to take, especially in regards to the medical supplies.  Please continue to pray for our team unity–that we would be united together in faith and love, so that we can best minister to the people.

*Please continue to pray for God to open up doors for communication–this has been on my heart the past few days.  Most Haitians speak French Creole, and therefore the language barriers are huge.  Pray that we would be able to effectively communicate to best know how to minister to their bodies…and more importantly to their souls!

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