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Haiti: Update Two/Prayer Points 1

Lots to be thankful for….

Our team has been formed, our tickets have been bought…..unfortunately we weren’t able to fly in to Port Au Prince, as we had hoped…flights were difficult to come by for that. However, we will be flying in to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and driving in.  As our leader, Steve Prater, said, the Lord must have something special for us to do or be on that 8 hour road trip!!

An answer to prayer was that myself, my roommate Rachel, and two other team members will be flying back home on March 9–which gives us two extra days there!  Initially our options were to stay one week or two; I chose to reserve time off of work for the one week because I wasn’t sure if anyone else would be staying for two.  I later regretted that decision, as the time in Haiti would be so short–but staying for a week and a half is perfect–I don’t have to take so much time off of work, as I would have for two full weeks, but I get more time on the ground in Haiti to serve….and it works out perfectly with the “return to work” date I gave my job.  I am thankful for the Lord’s provision!


Prayer Points of the Day:  Seeing the Lord’s Hand

*Pray for the Haitians today, that they would see the Lord’s gracious hand in their midst.  Pray that they would see miracles that point them to Christ.  Pray that their eyes would be open and eager to see how the Lord will continue to work among them.  Can we even be so bold as to pray that the Lord sends spiritual revival in the midst of this tragedy?  I think we can….

* The temptation often in tragedy is to question God…may we as a team not question but trust His sovereignty–and see many, many examples of how God is working through this.  My heart is for us all to see Evidences of Grace through this trip–as we prepare, as we go, as we are there, and when we return.  The Lord is walking with us through it all…may we see His hands holding us!!

More to come….

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