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Time’s Bending Sickle

on February 18, 2010

I stop at the red light.  Glancing over at the car next to me, I catch the eye of the white-haired woman in the back seat, who looks at me through life-worn eyes and plastic-rimmed glasses.

“How old she looks,” I think.

“How young she is…” I imagine her saying.

I think how much life she has lived.

And I imagine her thinking about how much life I have yet to experience.

Her care-worn face, wrinkled by the hand of time, looks full.  Full in the sense that she has lived–whether or not she has lived well, I will never know.  What kind of experiences she has had will remain a mystery.  What burdens has she carried?  What joy has she seen? What tragedies and moments of laughter have lent wisdom to her life?

And I wonder what my experiences will be.  If I will live life fully, as she has done.  If I will live well…if I will grow old and cultivate wisdom in my eyes and experience in the lines of my face.

When Time’s bending sickle’s compass comes and my rosy lips and cheeks have long faded*, where will my heart be?  By grace I pray and trust it will be in the arms of my never-weary Savior.

*Shakespeare, Sonnet 116


One response to “Time’s Bending Sickle

  1. Kathi Westlund says:

    Maybe that was ME in the car next to you, Kristi! This is why I live by Psalm 90:12. Life does fly by. I remember meeting you in the BBC nursery — when you were about 2 – maybe younger. I remember HUGE blue eyes looking up at me, surrounded by wispy blonde hair. Sweet girl!

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