Catching Hope

Looking for the grace of God that surrounds us

Haiti, Part One

on February 14, 2010

I have the opportunity to go with my church to do medical missions for a week in Haiti.  I am hoping to do some postings after the fact about my experiences there….but for now, suffice it to say, I have been given the opportunity to go.

We will be leaving on the 27th of this month, returning on March 7; I’ll go back to work on March 11.  I’ve had my shots; I have yet to cover one more shift at work, submit my leave paperwork, and navigate the maze of getting supplies, packing, and starting anti-malarial medication.

I am trying very hard to have no expectations.  Except one–that I don’t (and won’t) know what to expect.  I have worked with dying people before, both in the hospital and at people’s homes.  I have seen tragedy, and witnessed some terrible and terrifying moments surrounding death.  I have seen wounds, treated fevers, and identified infection.  But, I am sure, I have seen or done nothing like what I will experience there.

As I write, though, the thought suddenly strikes me that I have one other expectation–that the grace of the Lord will be with me–and that it is already with the people of Haiti, even amid such tragedy.

More to come later…..


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