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General Prayer Requests: Haiti

This is an excerpt from the letter I sent out to friends and family, letting them know about the trip and asking them to pray.

In case I can’t post much while I’m gone, I wanted to put it up here one more time.  THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for your prayers.  As the time gets closer and closer I am feeling the need for Jesus more and more–as is everyone else on the trip too, no doubt.

Please pray:

*For our Hands:  Tthat we will help those we serve, and not hurt them or their well being by anything we do.

*For our Minds: That we will have wisdom.  Lots and lots and lots of it!  I know my nursing knowledge and skill will be challenged more than it ever has!  Please pray for me and the other team members, that we will be given special grace to make good medical decisions, and carry them out without mistakes.

*For our Mouths: That we would be mouthpieces for the hope that can only be found in Christ.  Please pray for boldness for us as we are there; and for opportunities to share.  Please also pray for good communication between us and our patients–as most of us do not speak Creole!

*For our Bodies: That the Lord would protect us while we are there–there is lots of dengue, malaria, HIV, tuberculosis, and many other diseases affecting those that live in Haiti–as well as disease-bearing mosquitos. Also there is very little police/military force in Port Au Prince, and crime is running rampant.  Please pray that we would have protection from disease, from animals, and from any who may want to harm us.

*For our Spirits:  That we would stay strong, full of hope and joy, while we are there amid such tragedy.  Also that we would be protected against any evil spirit-work–many Haitians practice voodoo.  And that we would all come away from this experience with our faith strengthened, our spirits lifted, and closer than ever to Christ.  Many who go to help with relief on this scale come home with varying degrees of depression, and feelings of sadness.  Please pray that the opposite will be true for us–who have the hope of Jesus Christ!  Please also pray that we would have good team unity and a spirit of joy and comfort among us–we will need to support each other, not have conflict with one another.

Thank you again for your much-coveted prayers….

love kristi

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Headed out tomorrow….

We are headed out tomorrow at 1:10 pm.

We’ll be meeting at the airport, Mezzanine level, at 11 am to pray beforehand….anyone is welcome!

My bags are packed, I *think* I have everything : ), and I have done just about everything I need to do before leaving.  The Lord is gracious….. I am trusting that He will continue to be gracious as I now have to chart on 7 patients and go over my list of kids that I case manage, before I can sleep….but I know He will sustain.

Prayer request for today: Please pray for travel mercies!  Pray against illness, travel sickness, lost baggage, etc.  We will fly from here to Philly, then to the Dominican.  We’ll be in Port Au Prince by Sunday, Lord willing.

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Haiti Update Four: His Eye is on the Sparrow

Our God answers prayer.  In fact, He answers prayers I haven’t even prayed yet….Two examples:

1.  I need several pairs of scrubs to bring with me–I am planning on wearing scrubs pretty much most of the time while there.  But unfortunately, I didn’t have any old scrubs I wanted to bring with me, as I am wanting to leave what I wear down in Haiti.  Thrift stores were charging ridiculous amounts of money for used scrubs…. So, I prayed.  And my mom prayed.  And at our medical supply “packing party” last night, someone brought three huge bags of scrubs to bring down–from which I found 6 pairs of scrubs that I can wear and then leave down there.  They are even cute! : )  The Lord is very, very gracious.

2.  I was feeling overwhelmed today, with everything to do and the possibility of two full days of work.  This morning, when I talked to my scheduler, she had only given me a half-day of work today–which I was technically supposed to get but wasn’t sure if I would because of patient volume.

The Lord is gracious, even in the little things!

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Haiti Prayer Points…extra edition!

One personal request…..I will be shopping and packing tomorrow, in between appointments.  Please pray I remember everything I have to bring and do before I leave!  I’m sure this applies to everyone leaving, too…. 🙂

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Haiti Prayer Points, 4

Today, please pray:

*For the Haitians:  Pray that their most basic needs, food/water/shelter would be met.  We learned at our meeting that before the earthquake many Haitians were mixing water, a little bit of flour, and dirt together and baking it–and that is what they ate.  I cannot imagine how much worse the situation is now….Please pray, too, against those who would take advantage of this situation and use it to exploit the weak.  Often the youngest, oldest, and weakest are those who are unable to get food when it is distributed.

*For our team: We will be packing medical supplies as a team tomorrow; I (like many I am sure!) still have a lot to get together to pack–please pray for wisdom to know what will be most helpful to take, especially in regards to the medical supplies.  Please continue to pray for our team unity–that we would be united together in faith and love, so that we can best minister to the people.

*Please continue to pray for God to open up doors for communication–this has been on my heart the past few days.  Most Haitians speak French Creole, and therefore the language barriers are huge.  Pray that we would be able to effectively communicate to best know how to minister to their bodies…and more importantly to their souls!

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Haiti Prayer Points 3: Hope

Today, please pray…..

*For the Haitians: Pray that they will find hope and joy amid tragedy.

*For our team: That we would be courageous in sharing the Hope of the Gospel with those we will minister to. That we would be bold to speak of Christ and His work. Please pray that we would be able to communicate this hope despite language barriers!

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In other news….

I attempted a repeat demonstration of Kitchen Tae Kwon Do tactics.  In socks (again).

It didn’t work out so well.

It didn’t last time I tried it either.

You’d think I would learn……

Maybe the blow to my head knocked some sense into me.  : )

As an aside, I haven’t laughed so hard at anything in ages…and I think my roommate was rather entertained as well.  Dear, oh dear.

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Haiti: Prayer Points 2

Prayer Points of the Day:  Unshakeable Faith in Shaken Circumstances

For the Haitians:  That their faith in Christ would be found/strengthened through the tragedy of the earthquake; that they would see unmistakable evidence of the Lord providing their needs; that the Lord would prepare the hearts of those we will be ministering to, to be responsive to the Gospel and the encouragement of Christ that we hope to offer them.  May they “see and savor Jesus Christ”!!

For our team:  Please pray that the Lord would be preparing our hearts for what we will see and experience–that we would all leave this experience with stronger faith than when we began.  This is one of my main prayers and hopes for this trip.  That we, too, will see unmistakable evidence of Christ moving among us; that we would witness the power of God to turn mourning into dancing, ashes into beauty, despair into hope.

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Haiti: Update Two/Prayer Points 1

Lots to be thankful for….

Our team has been formed, our tickets have been bought…..unfortunately we weren’t able to fly in to Port Au Prince, as we had hoped…flights were difficult to come by for that. However, we will be flying in to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and driving in.  As our leader, Steve Prater, said, the Lord must have something special for us to do or be on that 8 hour road trip!!

An answer to prayer was that myself, my roommate Rachel, and two other team members will be flying back home on March 9–which gives us two extra days there!  Initially our options were to stay one week or two; I chose to reserve time off of work for the one week because I wasn’t sure if anyone else would be staying for two.  I later regretted that decision, as the time in Haiti would be so short–but staying for a week and a half is perfect–I don’t have to take so much time off of work, as I would have for two full weeks, but I get more time on the ground in Haiti to serve….and it works out perfectly with the “return to work” date I gave my job.  I am thankful for the Lord’s provision!


Prayer Points of the Day:  Seeing the Lord’s Hand

*Pray for the Haitians today, that they would see the Lord’s gracious hand in their midst.  Pray that they would see miracles that point them to Christ.  Pray that their eyes would be open and eager to see how the Lord will continue to work among them.  Can we even be so bold as to pray that the Lord sends spiritual revival in the midst of this tragedy?  I think we can….

* The temptation often in tragedy is to question God…may we as a team not question but trust His sovereignty–and see many, many examples of how God is working through this.  My heart is for us all to see Evidences of Grace through this trip–as we prepare, as we go, as we are there, and when we return.  The Lord is walking with us through it all…may we see His hands holding us!!

More to come….

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Time’s Bending Sickle

I stop at the red light.  Glancing over at the car next to me, I catch the eye of the white-haired woman in the back seat, who looks at me through life-worn eyes and plastic-rimmed glasses.

“How old she looks,” I think.

“How young she is…” I imagine her saying.

I think how much life she has lived.

And I imagine her thinking about how much life I have yet to experience.

Her care-worn face, wrinkled by the hand of time, looks full.  Full in the sense that she has lived–whether or not she has lived well, I will never know.  What kind of experiences she has had will remain a mystery.  What burdens has she carried?  What joy has she seen? What tragedies and moments of laughter have lent wisdom to her life?

And I wonder what my experiences will be.  If I will live life fully, as she has done.  If I will live well…if I will grow old and cultivate wisdom in my eyes and experience in the lines of my face.

When Time’s bending sickle’s compass comes and my rosy lips and cheeks have long faded*, where will my heart be?  By grace I pray and trust it will be in the arms of my never-weary Savior.

*Shakespeare, Sonnet 116

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