Catching Hope

Looking for the grace of God that surrounds us

The Capture

on January 27, 2010

I came across this quote recently.  I believe the young mom who wrote this attended my church…

“Is there any need God is not willing to supply for His children? God’s word says, ‘…God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.’ Philippians 4:19. Knowing this answer, what is there to fear? If we need money, He will supply….if we need health, He will supply… if we need time, He will supply… if we need wisdom, He will supply…if we need husband or wife or father or mother or child or friend, He will supply. Has He not always in the past? Then why should we lack the faith to trust Him for today and for tomorrow? If we feel He has not met our need and are keenly hurt or disappointed, then it is not God’s word which is wrong; it is that our knowledge of our need is mistaken. God knows our needs better than we do. One must consider that even life itself, in this world, may not be our true need. The only absolute need we have is for God Himself. So let us rest in this–that God knows our needs and that He is our loving Father. All questions can stop there if we understand that this is true. If it is true, it is enough. And it is true.”
–Patty Larson, Jan 1997 (an incredible person, mother of 4, dying of breast cancer, who wrote this in her journal)


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