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Nope. Not a bit.

I am not AT ALL worried about my grad school application.

Nope. Not at all.

The fact that they often delay when you start the program based on numbers of applications, combined with the fact that they may even be closing applications EARLY (causing me to scramble for the last pieces of my application, which incidentally are my references, which even more incidentally means I can’t do a blessed thing but wait for the people to finish them!) doesn’t bother me a bit. You see? Not worried a bit.  Not in the least.

I certainly won’t be running over to the hospital every day this week to see if my references are done so I can send the application. Nope, not me, because I am calm.  Collected.  Mentally relaxed.





Hm.  The experts are wrong. My positive-thinking mind game didn’t work.

Maybe I ought instead to remind myself that the God who brought an entire nation through a wilderness, a King who turned water into wine, a Savior who can give new life to a dying heart, can certainly take care of something as small as an application.  And that he not only can do this, He will take care of it–and whatever happens with it, it will be “exceedingly and abundantly beyond all I can ask or think”.

God-talk is much better than self-talk.

But I think I knew that.

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Things Nurses Say, part 3

What on earth does a nurse say to a family who just took their baby home to die?

Words fail. And no matter what you say, it never feels like the right thing. You are reminded once again of your need for grace, as you try not to let anyone see that your hands are trembling.

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What Makes A Good Day

I had a good day today.

Not just one, but two of my hospice kids smiled at me–two different visits, two different children.  Neither of them has ever smiled at me before, as both of these children are severely developmentally delayed.  But, there they were–sudden, genuine smiles that went all the way to their eyes.

They don’t know how serious both of their individual situations are.  One, in fact, waits for a very serious, life-threatening surgery.  And yet, they smiled.  And they chose to smile at me.

This is why I love my job.

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Straight No Chaser, part 2

They’ve done it again….

My second favorite Christmas video…

merry christmas!

love kristi

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Dumb Things Nurses Say, Part 2

OK, well, I’ve done it again.

This time it was a kid who is in a wheelchair about half of the time.

She was telling me that she was going to be 12 in exactly 3 months.

I said, “Oh, you’re getting old!”

She giggled.

Then I said, joking, “You’ll need a cane and a walker soon!”

Then I realized what a dumb thing to say that was, to a kid that’s already in a WHEELCHAIR half of the time….

she wasn’t disturbed. but i was.  : )

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