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The Eagle Has Landed

on October 17, 2009

Sometimes people ask me why I chose to do pediatric nursing.  Somehow I get the feeling that they are expecting a great, philanthropic, heartwarming answer.

Not so, my friends, not so.  I do indeed love pediatrics, really I do.  Kids are great.  However, my decision to pursue little people occurred one day when I was in nursing school.

It was a hectic morning for the nursing students.  We all filed in to the general med-surg floor of our local hospital, properly attired completely in white and looking something like a gang of Storm Troopers with ponytails.  But that’s another issue for another day.

Anyhow we got there, frantically swept through our paperwork, and had just started on prepping our meds for the day when the call came through on the intercom system.  Nurse so-and-so answers.


*”Yes, Mr. Jones?”

*The Eagle Has Landed.


*The Eagle Has LANDED.


*(the meaning dawns on the nurse answering the intercom) Oohhhhhh, I see……

At this point the nursing students (plus one floor nurse) were sent down to assist in Mr. Jones’ room.  When we got there–well–you see….

Let me summarize and spare you the details.  Mr. Jones was a large man.  In fact, 700 lbs large.  He was quite cheerful–jovial even.  However, some kind night nurse had just given Mr. Jones a rather potent laxative before she left for the night.

This was quite strategic on her part.  Not only did she not have to deal with the after-effects, but there were 7 nursing students available for–shall we say–damage control.

It was in this moment that I decided pediatrics was the way to go.  Sorry, everyone, who assumed I chose pediatrics only because I was being kind and having happy thoughts about children.  Simply put, I decided to do pediatrics because of a 700 lb man and a laxative.

Granted, in the end, my decision to work in pediatrics was more than just this experience.  However it was I got here, though, I’ve been loving each moment.  : )


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