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Not Me!–Wednesday???

on October 15, 2009

Not Me Monday is inspired by MckMama at….it is a place for us all to NOT admit all the crazy things that we did certainly didn’t do this week….

This week, Not Me Monday (Travel Version!!)  comes to you two days late… : )

I ALWAYS know exactly what my plans are.  Therefore, I most certainly DID NOT get the date for my flight to Canada mixed up and think I was leaving on Monday instead of Sunday.  Nope, not me.  Nor did I buy the ticket without thinking through the fact that on Sunday, I was to finish work at 4:30 pm–when my flight was to take off at 5:50 pm for Toronto.

Then, I most certainly did NOT play games with friends on Saturday night, neglecting to finish my packing for my trip.  Neither did I forget to do an essential errand before leaving.  This most certainly did NOT cause a domino effect of frantic-ness in the two hours before takeoff.

Once I arrived safely in Toronto (due no doubt to the many prayers of my family!), I did NOT go to eat a muffin and then find out I had just put about half of the muffin wrapper in my mouth.  NOPE, I always look before I eat.  (Incidentally, this caused a dilemma–does one simply chew the wrapper and swallow it, figuring that it’s just added fiber?  or does one try to politely spit it out somehow? if one spits it out, how does one do it politely, anyway?)

More to come on the trip later, I am sure.  If you’d like to join in the Not Me! Monday fun, head over to to find out how!


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