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The lasting impression…

on September 25, 2009

I have a slightly sore stomach today….

The small child I visited yesterday was none too happy about the new dressing I had to put on her central IV site.  She had recently had a very bad experience at the doctor’s office, so when I walked in with my stethoscope and Tegaderm in hand, life (from her 2 year old perspective) took a distinct turn for the worse.  What I was doing was not at all painful–in fact, most kids don’t mind it at all.  What made it so bad for her was the fear that had been created in her from a past experience.

It made me think about how what we do and say to others has a lasting impact.  I heard once that every interaction we have with a person, even if it is just a smile to a stranger on the street, impacts and changes them–and you–forever.

In the case of my little girl, her past experience of pain and fear has now colored her perspective of nurses and doctors.  She is now afraid–so afraid, in fact, that she screams, cries, and kicks (hence my sore stomach!) to protect herself from what she sees as frightful.  And I don’t blame her at all.

In my case, however, I hope that the interactions that I have with others are positive, joyful interactions that point to Christ.  If my actions and words are going to have a lasting impact, I hope and pray that the lasting impression is one of the face of Jesus.  I fail so often at this–with my grumbling, complaining, overreacting…but by His grace, there is hope that He will make Himself known through me, despite my lingering depravity.

: )

love kristi


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