Catching Hope

Looking for the grace of God that surrounds us

Life and Breath and Everything Else

on September 8, 2009

I saw a hospice patient in the hospital a few months ago.  She was very sick–and we couldn’t fix her little body.

While waiting for a procedure, I was watching the baby in the rare and sudden stillness of her hospital room.  And I was watching the machine that was helping her breathe.  A tiny body, in a big bed…and what was the difference between her life and her death?  A small, insignifcant breath.  With the help of the machine, her chest rose and fell, rose and fell.  And soon, no one knew how long it would be, her chest would rise, fall, and then be still.

Oddly,  had no more profound thoughts than that.  A tiny body, a tiny life, sustained by tiny breaths that would soon stop.  Soon, in a fraction of an instant, she would be gone.  Lifeless.  All because of one tiny breath.

Life is fragile.

And yet, each breath, each heartbeat, and each moment that we have are ordained by our great God.

Life is a gift.  A fragile gift.  Upheld by a loving Father.

So rejoice in your life…and in the Great Giver of life and breath and everything else.


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