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Grasshoppers and Such

on September 4, 2009

I had a busy day of mostly phone calls today.

This is partly why I love pediatrics:

I dial, phone rings.

Small Child:  Hellllooooooo?

Me:  Hi, this is Kristi calling from home care.  Is your mommy home?

Small Child:  Nooo….


Small Child:  She went to work out some more.

Me: Oh, I see.  Maybe I’ll try her cell phone and leave a message there.

Small Child:  Oh…..I don’t think she’ll talk on the phone though.

Me:  Oh, that’s ok!  I’ll just leave a message.

Small Child:  Oooohhh, O—HEY!  Guess what?!  I just saw a GRASShopper!!!

Me: (giggling…) oh–good job!!  okay, well…I’ll try to call your mom…..bye…..

And when I did finally get to the home, the Small Child promptly came and sat next to me (or rather, on me) while her baby sister ate my thermometer.

I love my job.


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