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My New Career Path

on July 22, 2009

Today, I became an official Tree Wrangler.

I had to trim my tree.  In the process, my tree saw–


got stuck in a branch (sans the squirrel)–


one-and-a-half stories up.


Unfortunately for me, whilst attempting to wrestle my saw free from the death-grip of the branch the tree trimmer extension separated from the main section.

This was rather unfortunate because it involved me having to climb up a ladder set against the tree.  I don’t like heights.  Or ladders for that matter.  Makes my legs hurt. However in a happenstance of sheer providence, my neighbor’s daughter


who is three years old came along as I was precariously perched on top of the ladder with my arm around a branch for security, and inquired as to what I was doing.  And if I were a monkey.  I said I wished I was, because then I wouldn’t be scared of the “up high”.

In the meantime I managed to re-attach the two parts of my tree trimmer and climb back down.  At which point I was able to free my tree trimmer, by hanging on the handle and jumping up and down (incidentally, looking somewhat like a monkey as I dangled there).

Fortunately, as the saw came loose so did the branch.

Unfortunately I think it was actually a branch that shouldn’t have come off anyway, as my tree looks slightly like a shorn sheep on one side.  But, nevertheless, the job is done for another year…


I think I’ll hire someone to powerwash my house.


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